“Lauren is a healer. I have chronic back pain issues from being a nurse for years and have had back surgery. Between acupuncture and massage, Lauren improves my pain more than anything else I’ve tried! She’s so thorough and thoughtful in her practice. Thank you Lauren!” – Ashley J.

“Thanks so much for your help today. I can’t believe the difference in my neck – it’s truly remarkable and such a relief.” – Annie R.

“I contacted Lauren to help with my osteoporosis. We have worked together now for 4 months and she has proven to be a terrific healer. In addition to her expertise as an acupuncturist, Lauren offers her knowledge as a nutritionist. Some of her health recommendations have been revelatory for me and very welcome after years of frustration with Western medicine. I have experienced an overall boost in energy and a defined reduction in inflammation in my joints. I am a believer in “you are what you eat” so I have been very eager to receive her nutrition counseling. Lauren is now practicing in Marin and San Francisco so a wide swath of the Bay Area can benefit from her excellent skills and approachable and kind manner!”- Cathy C.


“My toddler son suffered from chronic eczema and his primary care doctor was insistent that steroid cream was his best option. After months of struggling to support him we asked around for a more natural approach, and another parent referred us to Lauren Mendez as an alternative treatment option. Within 48 hours of our visit with Lauren and following her treatment suggestions his skin issues started clearing up! It was incredible to see the relief in our son as his skin didn’t keep him up at night or bother him during the day, he completely stopped itching! During the visit she was extremely professional, helpful, knowledgeable and amazing with our wiggling 1.5 year old. Lauren let our son explore her tools and shared what she was going to do so he felt safe and never protested her pressure treatments, he actually like the “back rub” and pushing on the pressure spots with her. Our son responded really well to Lauren’s diet recommendations and we purchased the herbs and ointments and specialty foods right away to support his healing process. Since our initial visit with Lauren we have never turned back to the steroid cream and our pediatrician was really impressed with how his skin cleared up naturally! I’ve shared Lauren’s work with anyone who asks about his skin, my only wish is that we had turned to her work sooner! She’s such an amazingly knowledgeable person and despite my son’s skin clearing up so well, I know these visits won’t be our last with her as we tackle the challenges of raising a healthy child in all the numerous stages to come.” – Ibis T.